Gabrielle Reece on Her Most Embarrassing Moment, Biggest Weakness, and Best Fitness Tip


Beach-volleyball legend Gabrielle Reece serves up motivational advice as host of NBC’s new show Strong. Below, the 46-year-old powerhouse (and mom of three girls) reveals her secrets to hanging tough.

Strength is…

“Being able to express myself matter-of-factly and not worrying, ‘Does everyone approve?’ I’ve moved into a space of ‘This is how I feel, and I’m going to own it.'”

My weakness is…

“I never bothered to do a lot of stretching. I’m working on that now. I think weaknesses make you better. We don’t learn anything from winning. We learn from ‘This is uncomfortable.'”

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One embarrassing moment was…

“There’s a genius volleyball player named Elaine Youngs. We played against each other early on, and let’s just say there was no love lost. I was in a doubles tournament and had a time-out, and she says, ‘I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but your tampon string is hanging out.’ In that moment I was like, ‘Holy s–t,’ but also, ‘I love you for telling me that.'”

I never expected…

“To be an athlete. I grew up in the Caribbean—maybe I would work in a gift shop? I’m a good athlete, but what I actually have going for me is that I’m very coachable. I was always willing to try.”

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My best fitness tip…

“Don’t fall too far behind. The body wants to move; it’s set up for that.”

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